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Top 8 Dầu gội mọc tóc nhanh chóng và chất lượng nhất hiện nay

It is often said that “the teeth and the hair are the human body”, so hair care is an essential job, not especially for women. Hair growth shampoo is one of the hair care products that many people choose. Especially those who have a lot of hair loss, thinning hair or baldness. However, not the kind shampoo which is as good as advertised, causing many concerns for users. In today’s article we will introduce you to the top 8 hair growth shampoo Best fast, prestige and quality you can refer to.

1. Nguyen Xuan herbal shampoo

Nguyen Xuan herbal shampoo is a shampoo brand belonging to Hoa Linh Pharmaceutical Company – Hoa Linh Pharmaceuticals. It is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam with many trusted products such as Da Huong feminine hygiene solution, Cream, Ngoc Chau herbal toothpaste, Bao Thanh cough medicine, etc.

Nguyen Xuan Shampoo is a fast hair growth shampoo extracted from 13 traditional herbs such as ginkgo biloba, river okra, locust, betel nut, patchouli… to help nourish hair and scalp from the root, restore damage , reduce breakage, clean dandruff. Not only that, Xuan Nguyen herbal hair growth shampoo also adds vitamin B5, vitamin E, olive oil, grapefruit peel essential oil, basil essential oil, etc. to help smooth and bouncy hair.


Ginkgo and Ha thu wu help increase blood circulation under the scalp and astringent hair roots, thereby nourishing hair from the root, providing nutrients to nourish and strengthen hair. Bodhi, Betel nut, Five colors, Nuc Nac and Patchouli help clean hair, control oil and reduce itchy dandruff. Grapefruit peel, basil and lemongrass essential oils help open hair follicles, stimulate hair growth and reduce oil secretion effectively. Mulberry, vitamin E and olive oil moisturize and provide comprehensive nourishment to the hair.

In particular, all of the above natural herbs have been carefully selected, extracted, refined to remove impurities once again leaving the most quintessential in the shampoo bottle. Nguyen Xuan fast hair growth shampoo helps nourish hair and scalp from the root, cleans the hair from the inside, so it feels comfortable and not greasy. Especially hair growth shampoo Nguyen Xuan fast helps prevent hair loss, stimulates hair growth, helps to overcome most hair problems such as dry hair, split ends even hair loss, premature graying of hair, itchy scalp. This is also the main function of Nguyen Xuan fast hair growth shampoo. Especially this shampoo is very safe even for pregnant women, postpartum and children.

Reference price: 62,000 VND 1 bottle of 250ml

2. Kaminomoto hair growth stimulating shampoo

Kaminomoto hair growth stimulating shampoo is the product hair growth shampoo Fast products originating from Japan are very popular because of their prestige and excellent quality. The ingredients in the shampoo are Beta-Glycyrrhetinic Acid, CS-Base, Piroctone Olamine, Kamigen E all extracted from natural herbal essences, so they are very safe for the scalp.


This hair growth shampoo product gives users a lot of typical outstanding benefits such as preventing hair loss and stimulating hair growth. Next, this shampoo also özgü the ability to kill harmful bacteria on the scalp and prevent dandruff, while improving dry, frizzy hair. This fast hair growth product promotes blood circulation under the scalp, stimulates new hair growth and replenishes nutrients to help hair grow thicker, more bouncy. This is one of the most popular and sought after hair growth shampoos in Vietnam.

Reference price: 350,000-500,000 VND/1 bottle of 330ml

3. Alpecin Hair Growth Shampoo

Alpecin is a brand of shampoo from Germany that is used to help hair grow faster and thicker. Alpecin hair growth shampoo This is produced as a combination shampoo and conditioner. One of the highlights of this product is that it contains caffeine to help promote hair follicle growth and support the treatment of hair loss, baldness, and slow genetic hair loss.


To use the product hair growth shampoo You should shampoo your hair for at least 120 seconds each time to let the nutrients penetrate deeply into the hair and work its full effect and then you rinse your hair without conditioner. Usage is completely the same as regular shampoos, but you just need to hisse attention to how long the medicine stays on your hair.

Reference price: 320,000 – 350,000 VND / 1 bottle of 200ml.

4. Tea Tree Special Hair Growth Shampoo

Tea Tree Special Shampoo from the Paul Mitchell® brand in the US. This brand is home to many hair care products that are popular with customers and are sold in many markets around the world. In which, Tea Tree Special fast hair growth shampoo is a special product extracted from natural ingredients such as Australian green tea leaves, peppermint oil and lavender oil to help unclog pores, treat dandruff and help prevent dandruff. hair grows faster and thicker.

Especially, tea tree oil is a natural essence that özgü an effective effect on hair, it is a natural antiseptic, non-toxic, soothing to the scalp, antifungal, anti-itch and stimulates growth. hair


In addition, ingredients such as lavender essential oil have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, hair loss treatment, and promote hair growth. Menthol helps to care for shiny, healthy hair and promotes hair growth. Wheat germ oil contains Vitamins E, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Lecithin to help soften and smooth hair. Panthenol ingredients provide moisture, reduce the formation of split ends, create shine and help restore damaged hair surface. All have made a perfect fast hair growth shampoo that supports extremely effective hair recovery.

The packaging of this fast hair growth shampoo is quite beautiful and luxurious. Tea Tree Special quick hair growth stimulating shampoo product with compact design makes it convenient to carry away, travel, go on a business trip. The pleasant scent of the product on your hair makes you feel more comfortable. Tea Tree Special shampoo lasts a long time, so it helps you save money. However, the downside of shampoos is that they fade color and are quite expensive compared to the popular segment, which can cause dry hair, but if you use it in combination with hair care products such as coconut oil, hair cream, it’s perfect. totally fixable.

Reference price: about 500,000 VND/ 300ml bottle.

5. LaiLa spa fast hair growth shampoo (Thailand)

Laila Spa hair growth shampoo is a beauty product brand from Thailand. Laila Spa shampoo is a brand formed on the basis of famous cosmetic brands in the past. Laila Spa’s shampoo and conditioner duo always bring the best experience to customers.


LaiLa spa fast hair growth shampoo is extracted from lavender, rosemary, olive, vitamin B5, promotes hair growth, thick and anti-hair loss, does not contain chemicals of other herbal products on the market. Conditioner makes hair softer, reduces breakage, split ends and promotes long hair. Specially extracted from lavender herb in the product, not only özgü a cleansing effect, but also helps you relax well, avoiding stress that leads to more hair loss.

Reference price: 120.00 VND/ 1 bottle of 200ml

6. Hairburst hair growth stimulating shampoo duo

Hairburst Shampoo Duo is a fast hair growth shampoo from the British brand Hairburst. The Hairburst shampoo and conditioner duo is a product that is loved by many girls around the world and thanks to proper hair care will get strong hair from the inside.

This product contains 95% ingredients of natural origin that help stimulate hair growth in a short time. In addition, this fast hair growth stimulator also helps provide adequate nutrients for the strongest hair growth, and especially prevents hair diseases such as itchy fungus, dandruff or breakage to bring healthy and beautiful hair. best.


The Hairburst Shampoo and Conditioner duo contains main ingredients such as coconut oil and avocado, in addition, the product is also supplemented with the divine ingredient that makes all-time beauty Collagen – rich in amino acids, a component of the body that produces keratin, a protein that forms hair. Several studies have shown that collagen can promote hair growth.

The Hairburst Shampoo and Conditioner duo özgü great uses that are trusted by many people. After only one month of use, the product hair growth shampoo Quickly combine this conditioner, the hair will be noticeably thicker. It strengthens hair from the inside, creating a feeling of volume and reducing hair loss problems. The product also helps to provide essential nutrients to the hair and prevents hair disorders such as fungus, dandruff, itching… Especially when using the product, the hair will be smoother and more manageable, helping you to be confident and comfortable. attract everyone’s attention.

Reference price: 699,000 VND

7. Anti Aging Shampoo

Anti Aging Shampoo is a hair growth shampoo from the brand Yves Rocher. Anti-aging hair growth stimulating shampoo with ingredients extracted from red vine combined with pure camellia oil grown in the fields of La Gacilly is extremely high quality.


Hair growth shampoo This fast contains herbal extract ingredients such as deer antler stalk, panthenol and many other vitamins. These ingredients are all derived from nature, so they are very safe for the scalp. This anti-aging hair growth shampoo contains protein compounds so hair will be protected by a curtain of UV rays and chemicals. This is an outstanding advantage of this Anti Aging hair growth shampoo compared to other hair growth stimulating product lines.

Reference price: 139,000 VND

8. Biotin collagen fast hair growth shampoo – USA

Biotin Collagen Shampoo is hair growth shampoo from USA with reasonable price and obvious effect. This is a brand that does not have a distributor in Vietnam, so normally Biotin Collagen fast hair growth shampoo products are usually hand-carried from abroad.

This product özgü the effect of helping to reduce sebum secretion at the hair roots, moisturize, hydrate and help increase the elasticity of each hair strand. Helps to improve the resilience of hair loss while preventing aging and providing essential nutrients to make hair shiny and thicker.


Especially the collagen nutrients contained in Biotin shampoo This hair growth stimulant, combined with hydrolyzed wheat protein, helps hair grow stronger, fuller and more vibrant. The product is 100% natural, organic, free of foaming agents and chemical odors. The scent of the shampoo is not too strong and quite fragrant, so many people like it.

In addition, scientists have proven that biotin is essential for the growth of nails and hair cells. Biotin is an ingredient that is considered an effective assistant in supporting and preventing hair loss while helping to improve split ends, reduce sebum secretion in the scalp, stimulate hair growth and increase elasticity of the hair. hair. That’s why people always believe in using Biotin Collagen hair growth stimulating shampoo.

Reference price: 295,000 VND/ 1 bottle

Hair is an important part that directly affects each person’s aesthetics, so the use hair growth shampoo Fast to prevent and overcome hair loss, thinning or baldness is essential. To help everyone find a quality shampoo product, in the above article we have detailed the top 8 most popular and effective hair growth shampoo products today. can be referenced.

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