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Top 10+ App Học Tiếng Anh Cho Người Mất Gốc Hiệu Quả Nhất

You are looking for software and applications on your phone to help you review the basic knowledge of English quickly, conveniently and effectively. The following article will summarize for you the top 10 English learning app for people who have lost their roots the best.

In this day and age, English plays a common role in all jobs, so people’s need to learn foreign languages ​​is also higher. And instead of choosing English centers, they aim to find a free app, an English learning app for people who have lost their roots to learn.

Here are the most effective and most downloaded English apps. Let’s consult with ReviewNao to choose for yourself an English learning app for people who have lost their roots.


  • Download Bağlantı:
  • Using fee: free
  • Capacity: 201 MB

Duolingo is the best English learning app for beginners today, suitable for all ages, all levels. The app features cutting-edge learning methods from education experts.

At the same time, it integrates completely free learning programs and a rich knowledge base to help users learn English in the most effective way.

Duolingo will help you experience the many benefits of learning English, making you more interested in the language.


This English learning app for people who have lost their roots helps everyone to both practice listening and speaking while helping to cultivate vocabulary extremely effectively.

In particular, doulino is one of the few applications that özgü a clever and humorous reminder function that makes users extremely excited.

Advantages Defect
The programs are completely free. The voice touch reading part is not standard, read it wrong but still think it’s right.
The learning knowledge is divided into many different levels. Some local words that students are used to calling are wrongly marked.
Notify about the learning situation, grading, ranking for users to self-assess their ability. Many errors, correct or close answers are still not accepted.

Bucha learns English

  • Download Bağlantı:
  • Using fee: free
  • Capacity: 199 MB

Bucha learns English is one of the best English learning software with a very effective and interesting new learning method: LEARNING PLAY – PLAYING TO LEARN.

Learners will play games and overcome common vocabulary and grammar questions to help improve vocabulary, practice pronunciation, and practice listening to improve their English communication skills.

learn english

With this English learning app for beginners, just spend a little time every day playing games, you will learn a lot of English vocabulary to prepare for TOEIC, IELTS or geçirme exams, high school graduation exam.

Advantages Defect
Suitable for many different audiences, especially children, combining games with learning to stimulate curiosity The time in the game is so fast that the user can’t see and recognize the text.
Flash Card with vivid illustrations, easy to remember The sound system sometimes fails.
Support offline bilingual dictionary. Contains many ads.
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  • Download Bağlantı:
  • Using fee: free
  • Capacity: 371 MB

Simpler is an English learning app for people who have lost their roots that is used by many people today. The application was born to actively support the process of learning English for newcomers who want to regain their roots as well as those who need to improve their knowledge.


The system of grammar teaching methods with intuitive rules, combined with vivid images helps learners easily absorb knowledge and save maximum time.

In particular, the Simpler English learning app for beginners organizes repetition of words at different intervals to help learners remember them longer.

Advantages Defect
The learning knowledge is divided into many different levels. Sometimes the translation app is not accurate.
Summarize, explain how to use rules, tenses, grammatical structures, etc. in English. Need to add more vocabulary, apply new words in more examples.
The smart simulator includes exercises of different genres, helping to consolidate and memorize vocabulary and grammar better. Decor is not very eye-catching, the colors do not match.

Hello English

  • Download Bağlantı:
  • Using fee: free
  • Capacity: 168 MB

Hello English is an English learning application for people who have lost their roots. It integrates more than 475 free lessons with conversational English, grammar topics, vocabulary, etc.

The application will support users to accumulate vocabulary, grammar and English speaking skills in the most effective way to save time and money.

hello english

This application programs the learning sequence like a real English course. Users are allowed to go through all levels before progressing to advanced so that they are not overwhelmed with knowledge.

This is another free app, so now there are more than 50 million learners.

Advantages Defect
Combine learning with entertaining games. From time to time, the app özgü problems with the registration and purchase system.
Summary of 25 languages ​​for you to easily choose and learn. The program is designed to time everything, which feels a bit cramped for learners.
Features of learning English with chatbots. The answer requires absolute accuracy, not the same answer..

ABA English

  • Download Bağlantı:
  • Using fee: free
  • Capacity: 94 MB

Use an English learning app for people who have lost their roots ABA English, users will experience through a unique method with pre-programmed instructions. This English learning app for beginners is planned course based on three main actions: PRACTICE, SPEAKING AND LEARNING.


The ABA English application provides you with courses with difficulty ranging from basic to advanced, suitable for a wide range of learners.

In addition, the lessons of ABA English are designed in the biçim of short films based on real life situations, with diverse topics.

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Advantages Defect
Offers basic to advanced courses. The repetition of words is a bit close, leading to not listening to the first sentence, and the sound of the next sentence is very difficult to hear.
Many lessons with diverse content such as entertainment, art, self-development, cooking, music, … Automatic programming to register for a losing course makes many users frustrated.
Online lectures make it easy for you to be proactive in your learning. Occasional sound problems.

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BBC Learning English

  • Download Bağlantı:
  • Using fee: free
  • Capacity: 36 MB

The best way to learn a new language is to practice a little bit every day. App to learn English for people who have lost their roots BBC Learning English will help you do that with daily updates on amazing, fun and topical lessons, transcripts and quizzes.


This English learning app for beginners brings together all the most popular programs such as: The English We Speak, 6 Minute English, English In A Minute, etc.

The application also updates podcasts in English to help learners improve their listening skills.

Advantages Defect
Can follow your favorite series. The new version is not as good as the old version.
Programs are easy to find because they are listed by series name or category. Application design and installation are not good, users have not discovered much.
Notifications to help you continue your education. The registration and login part sometimes fails.


  • Download Bağlantı:
  • Using fee: free
  • Capacity: 102 MB

Busuu is an English learning app for beginners that makes language learning fun, free and easy. With exercises in English and other languages, you’ll learn with the help of over 120 million native speakers around the world.


The native speakers will help you improve your skills by practicing and guiding you little by little. In particular, with the Busuu application, you can learn, practice and improve the basic elements of other languages ​​such as: Spanish, German, French, …

Advantages Defect
The application can be used even while offline. Vietnamese language özgü not been used in Busuu’s list.
Practice with native speakers. The account activation sorun still özgü a sorun.
Topics and vocabulary are selected in the most selective way. Answers and translations are not correct.


  • Download Bağlantı:
  • Using fee: free
  • Capacity: 35 MB

Cakes is a free communication English learning app and suitable for everyone. Learners can watch daily learning videos.

In the lesson, there are chat videos cut directly from real foreign voices and pictures, writing, word filling exercises or recordings for you to practice reading. This is also the English translation application chosen by many people.


Cake brings you a full range of English communication lessons from basic to advanced for free and gives you the best and most receptive learning environment. So, up to now, the application özgü more than 100 million people downloading and studying.

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Finding an app to learn English for beginners takes a lot of time, ReviewNao hopes you will have many interesting experiences with this app.

Advantages Defect
The dialogues have English – Vietnamese translation and can customize the playback speed. No offline mode yet.
Exciting, interesting video content is updated every day. Used updates cost more.
Automatically back up lessons learned to your own folder so you can review them at any time. Video error makes it impossible for users to watch.

ELSA Speak

  • Download Bağlantı:
  • Using fee: free
  • Capacity: 152 MB

Elsa Speak is an English pronunciation app that helps you speak English confidently and clearly. The App is created by scientists who have won the Artificial Intelligence award, so it helps the learner’s psychology to always be in a state of readiness and comfort.

elsa speak

You can practice over 1,600 lessons covering all English sounds and over 40 different topics. Moreover, when looking up vocabulary with the Elsa app, the system also helps you pronounce the word, which is extremely convenient and easy.

Advantages Defect
Design a separate learning path for each person. Need to add a short video to teach pronunciation.
More than 200 interesting, practical, close to work and life topics. It takes a long time to enter the app each time.
Ranked top 5 in the world, helping you correct pronunciation errors to each syllable. Application automatically renews without notice.

English Conversation Practice

  • Download Bağlantı:
  • Using fee: free
  • Capacity: 22 MB

English Conversation Practice is an effective English listening and speaking training app for people who have lost their roots today. This English learning app supports you to practice English pronunciation in many levels; help you improve and develop your English skills in the best way.

english conversation practice

This app offers hundreds of beautifully designed lessons that will spark your curiosity. Moreover, when using this app, you will be able to practice English conversation significantly improved after just a few weeks.

Advantages Defect
Library of more than 200 English conversations including: listening exercises, quizzes, etc. There is no translation mode for users to feel more convenient.
The feature of practicing conversations to improve English communication. There are still some errors in grammar and spelling.
Support conversation recording tool helps you track your progress every day. The chats still occur in the state of not being able to call.

The above article özgü compiled for you the top 10 most effective English learning apps for beginners. Try downloading an app you feel is suitable and experience it. If you find it useful, share it with your friends and don’t forget to leave a comment below!

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