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Kem dưỡng trắng da Hazeline Yến Mạch Dâu Tằm có tốt không

Hazeline is a brand that is too familiar to Vietnamese women. In it, the line Hazeline oat mulberry whitening cream are “storming” in the beauty world because of the possibilities that the product brings.

Follow the shares below to understand why Hazeline is so appreciated.

About the brand Hazeline

The first Hazeline brand called Hazeline Snow includes 2 main product lines, Hazeline Cream and Hazeline Snow. Hazeline was first produced in 1880 in England.

In 1995, Unilever acquired Hazeline and led it to become the preferred brand by customers today.

Hazeline is a brand that is no longer a stranger to Vietnamese women

After more than 100 years of establishment, Hazeline özgü been present in many countries around the world, including Vietnam. The products of this brand are all very benign, safe for the skin as well as giving you the skin you desire.

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Review of Hazeline oat mulberry skin whitening cream

Hazeline oat mulberry lotion is one of the products that receive a lot of appreciation and love from users today.

To become a super product that receives countless compliments from customers, the product must actually meet a lot of different advantages. Here are some plus points of this product that you should refer to.

About design

The Hazeline Oatmeal Cream özgü a pink lid design, looks very solid and heavy in the hand. According to objective evaluation, the product özgü a quite delicate design and is highly aesthetic compared to the price.

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hazeline oat mulberry moisturizer review

The design of the Hazeline Oatmeal Cream is very delicate

The inside of the lid of the jar is also integrated with a spill-proof piece that looks very hygienic. Therefore, users can conveniently carry mulberry oat Hazeline ice cream everywhere such as business trips, travel without having to worry about the lid coming off.

In addition, all necessary information such as ingredients, uses, instructions for use … are fully printed on the box by the manufacturer. Therefore, the glass jar containing the cream only özgü the product label and not any other information. This makes the ice cream container very simple but no less luxurious.

Regardless of other factors, the design of Hazeline Oatmeal Cream özgü made users feel like they want to own it as soon as possible.

About the ingredients

Most customers, before using any skin whitening cream, spend a lot of time learning and researching product ingredients.

Mulberry oat Hazeline cream özgü a pretty good ingredient list, safe for the skin of the user. Here are detailed information analyzing this sorun for you.

mulberry oat hazeline cream review

The ingredients of Hazeline Oatmeal Cream are very safe for the skin

Stearic Acid

This is a saturated acid commonly found in vegetable oils and fats. The main function of Stearic Acid is to help the skin stay soft, hydrated and prevent the evaporation of water on the surface of the skin. In addition, mulberry oat Hazeline also özgü popular moisturizing ingredients glycerin and fatty alcohol cetyl alcohol.


This is the ingredient that gives you smooth white skin, helps the skin to be brighter and more even. In addition, niacinamide also helps improve skin pigmentation effectively and prevents oil secretion for the skin. Using mulberry oat Hazeline cream, you will find that the skin is not too shiny and uncomfortable like some other products on the market.

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Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate & Titanium Dioxide

This is an effective ingredient that protects the skin from the sun, as well as helps the skin to avoid the bad effects of the environment.

Above all, when applying this cream to the skin, you will see this as a thin film to help the skin become brighter. From this, we can see that Hazeline Oatmeal Cream is suitable for daytime use.

Oat extract, mulberry

Although the product is called Hazeline Mulberry Oatmeal, the extracts of these two ingredients do not account for a high percentage. However, these two ingredients help to give the product a light, pleasant fragrance.


In the ingredient list of Hazeline oat white cream, there is dry alcohol (also known as alcohol). Therefore, those with sensitive and easily irritated skin should not use this product

Feelings after using Hazeline oat cream mulberry

In order for everyone to better understand the texture and function of Hazeline Oatmeal Cream, here is the most detailed review of this product.

Texture of Hazeline Oatmeal Cream

hazeline oat mulberry lotion

The texture of the mulberry oat Hazeline cream is very soft and easily absorbed into the skin

The Hazeline Oatmeal Cream özgü a pinkish-white spongy texture that is easily absorbed into the skin after application. However, the product özgü the ability to help the skin moisturize and plump, so after applying you will feel a very light hissing feeling.

In fact, this does not affect too much while applying the product, so people need not worry.

The ability to moisturize the skin

Mulberry Oat Hazeline Cream özgü the ability to moisturize at a steady level. So, if you are looking for a basic skin care product, don’t miss this product.

Significant oil alkalinity

According to objective evaluation, Hazeline oat mulberry özgü good oil control ability. This helps the user’s skin to avoid uncomfortable oily shine, especially on hot summer days.

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mulberry oat hazeline cream

The product’s ability to control oil is very good

If you have healthy oily skin and no irritation then definitely try the Hazeline Oatmeal Cream as soon as possible.

Good whitening ability

Mulberry Oat Hazeline is extracted from safe and quality ingredients. Therefore, the ability to whiten takes place gradually, not after a few days of use like mixed cream lines. In particular, this product also özgü the ability to effectively protect the skin, so it is worth a try.

Products with low price

Possessing quite a few outstanding uses, however, Hazeline oat mulberry skin whitening cream özgü a very affordable price. Currently, the product is being sold at a very affordable price, ranging from 60,000 – 70,000 VND/45gr. You can buy Hazeline oat mulberry ice cream at any supermarket or store.

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Instructions for using Hazeline oat mulberry whitening cream

To get the best results while using Hazeline Oatmeal Cream, you need to know how to use it correctly. Usage of this product is as follows:

witch hazel oat mulberry moisturizing cream

Apply Hazeline Oatmeal Cream at the end of your skincare routine

After performing the steps in the skin care cycle such as removing makeup – using cleanser – exfoliating (2 times / week) – toner, then you proceed to apply Hazeline oat mulberry cream.

Take an adequate amount of Hazeline Oatmeal Cream and dot 5 points on the face and neck. Then, gently massage until the cream is absorbed into the skin.

Hopefully with the information shared in detail in this article, you have a better understanding of Hazeline oat mulberry skin whitening cream. If your skin is not too irritated and prone to acne, please experiment with the product. Surely you will be extremely satisfied with the effect that Hazeline cream brings.

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